Damian in 2001
Diagnosis and beyond

January 2001: admitting something's wrong

can you hear me? Jan 21 (speech consult with Dr. Jay)

sorting it out Jan 25 (speech pathologist)

morning in the classroom Jan 31

February 2001: autism?

on the outside looking in Feb 7 (is it autism?)

definitions Feb 22 (people's perceptions)

March 2001: assembling the therapy puzzle

floor time March 7 (Greenspan method, ie: our life right now)

consult March 15 (first meeting with Dr. Red)

school daze revisited March 19 (time to pull him out)

recess March 22 (time to pull him out, cont'd)

new school March 30 (first glimpse of new school and a deadline)

April 2001

decisions and fish faces April 8 (Dr. Red's conclusions, a talk with another ped)

Damian's week (pix) April 15 (our first week with the digital camera)

life changes April 22 (house: mostly not about Damian but does include a speech breakthrough)

May 2001: the first major breakthrough

birthday... party? May 5 (Damian's third birthday)

I want juice May 25 (speech progress)

June 2001

his own heartbeat June 2 (3 year checkup)

overload June 7 (potential insurance/school district battles)

July 2001: IEP month

"request denied" July 2 (insurance company battle)

snip snip July 3 (second haircut)

take me to the zoo July 6 (pictorial)

I have to pee July 7 (toilet training!)

assessing July 10 (IEP looms)

how to see July 11 (reaction to assessment)

wiped July 12

Individual Education Plan a/k/a One Long Meeting July 13

peek-a-boo (pix) July 14 (relief)

one sick kid July 17 (Damian's day)

just six months July 19 (Damian's progress)

damian bear July 24 (pretend play, with pix)

denial July 25 (admitting your kid is autistic)

August 2001

at the mike Aug 7 (Damian sings?)

deficits Aug 16 (looking at Damian, past and present)

conversations Aug 19 (about and with Damian)

a reprimand Aug 25 (a run in with another kid/mom)

September 2001

of towers and dinosaurs (with pix) Sept 28 (floor time, the next step)

October 2001

to boldly go (with pix) Oct 10 (conquering the jungle gym)

November 2001

"I'm an ant!" Nov 12 (pretend play, Damian-initiated)

of pop-up books and balance beams Nov 16 (budding interest in other kids)

moon school Nov 18 (more of Damian's blossoming idea making)

December 2001

Damian's discombobulated December Dec 17 (part one: floor time problems)

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