take me to the zoo
6 July 2001
Damian's become enamored with snakes lately. It began with a book, I Need a Snake, in which the main character begs his mom to get him a snake but she's too squeamish, so he finds snakes around the house (a belt, his mom's scarf, his sister's jump rope). Damian started quoting from the book and digging up "snakes" of his own and saying "ssss!" We wanted to show him some real live snakes, make it concrete for him. And then this morning, he turned a laundry basket into a tiger trap:

Here we see the Intrepid Zookeeper capturing the wild and ferocious Asian tiger.

Yup. Sure is looking like time to go visit the zoo. So we did.

Here we see the Real Thing.

Here we see The Intrepid Zookeeper in awe of the Real Thing.

Look, Daddy, she's doing it without a backpack!

And then there were the snakes.


Good thing there's a thick layer of glass between our Intrepid Zookeeper and his not-quite-a-pet snake.

This one is much more cooperative. It eats plastic bugs by the handful.

I call that a successful trip to the zoo.

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