1999 and 2000
Pre-diagnosis: Some denial, some hints of what's really going on, some misinterpretation, but also some cute kid moments and sweet kid moments and maybe even bratty kid moments. A kid is a kid, with or without issues.

Also, inevitably, some contemplation of my role as still-new parent. When I started this journal in July of 1999, Damian was just fourteen months old.


not walking Aug 4

summer's end Aug 20

kit and caboodle Aug 26 (boy and cat)

water test Sept 1 (bath phobia)

crocodiles cry too Sept 7 (no such thing as fake tears)

easy reader Sept 15 (introducing Damian to the wonderful world of books)

gifted Sept 23 (what is smart?)

if the shoe fits Sept 27 (Damian's first pair of shoes)

night frights Oct 25 (when only mommy will do)

give voice Nov 6 (learning to speak)

little voices Nov 29 (seeing Cathy's twins; Damian needs more stimulation)

sleep deprivation blues Dec 8 (a bad stretch)


boy toys Jan 7

group play Jan 24 (playgroup and storytime)

a day in the life Jan 31 (Damian's Sunday)

mommy's a writer Feb 16 (the push-me pull-you of writing and parenting)

touching base March 6 (extended breastfeeding)

shovels and swings April 1 (playgrounds)

a door opens April 11 (language burst)

toddler exploration (told in pictures) May 10

tantrum June 11

balance of power June 22 (renegotiating nursing)

perpetual motion machine July 31 (On Display: restlessness)

a change of season Aug 8 (Dan goes back to work; the difference a year makes) (MAYBE)

goodnight socks Aug 29 (Damian's relationship with books) (scripting)

weaning down Sept 12 (time to start weaning)

moonshadow Oct 18 (flashlight and word games)

new experiences? Oct 26 (Jami leaving)

handle with care Dec 26 (preschool questionnaire, annotated)

and the last pre-diagnosis one, the first entry of 2001:

school daze Jan 14 2001 (Damian's first two weeks)

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