demolition time (part two)
13 March 2003

R. the handyman showed up at 9am sharp. Jumped right in. Before long there was no more countertop range. No more built-in oven.

No more awkward island jutting out into the middle of the room.

Next to go, the vent hood.

Just… clear space right up to the attic? And what do you mean you’re going home, R? I hope the squirrels and rats don’t come to visit tonight.

And on it goes, into the next day. And the one after that. Why does any house-related job take three times as long as they say? Why don't they just exaggerate the time up front, so sometimes they'll actually be right? Do they think we'll run away screaming? They're probably right. Fortunately, R is a good guy. Sardonic and cynical in just the right doses. We got used to having him about the house. Kind of like an expensive pet.

But in the end, what's a few days out of a life?

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