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January 1 to 15

excerpt: Damian came into the living room. Said to me, "I had fun!" I said "What did you do that was fun?" He replied, "I pulled boxes into my room." (Dan took Damian to Toys R Us today. Toys were in those boxes Damian brought into his room.) Then he said "I'm going to play with the toys." I just sat and grinned. It was very nearly a typical kid's conversation. He wanted to tell me how he was feeling, what he did, what he was going to do. Being chatty. I loved it.

[Started offering us things (like a toddler); getting much more comfortable in his class; showing signs of empathy; starting to initiate with classmates (just one day, but still); more imaginative with toys. Lots of small but significant steps. ]

January 16 to 31

excerpt: Tonight we read Today I Feel Silly, by Jamie Lee Curtis, which is about moods. Damian guessed the girl's mood from the picture on each page and we talked about it. When I read the text, he repeated me, but with feeling. So I'd say "I feel sad" and he'd say "I feel saaad" in this sad little voice. It was wonderful. He's extremely expressive.

[Sick for a week; Adele started being more physical/silly with him -- the results were immediate; started in the inclusion class; power struggles over being carried; asked two "which" questions ("Which one do you want? and "Which way should we go?").]

February 1 to 15

excerpt: Damian wanted me to play the piano: "Mommy will play the piano fast and I'm gonna be something squeaky and running." "What will you be, Damian?" "I'm gonna be a mouse."

[First session with Streak; began asking rhetorical questions (ie: asking a question and then answering himself); his palate finally started expanding a little; we started focussing on helping him express aggression in play.]

Feb 16 to 28

excerpt: He picked up the tube from a used-up roll of wrapping paper. First it was a sword and we had a sword fight -- he finally gets the concept that you try to stab the other person with your sword, not just whack the other sword. Then he decided it was a laser gun! I have NO idea where he got this from. He developed this whole system: he stuffed some fluffy balls into the tube and declared the green one a battery and the red one a button. When he pressed the red one, he said, "The laser gun goes BOOM!" If he pointed it at me, I shrieked and fell over. This he loved. The coolest part? He put on this gruff growly voice when he was manning the laser gun. We called him a tough guy. He said he was a tough, mean guy. I never thought I'd be happy that my kid was playing with toy guns, but I am. It's all about learning to handle aggressive feelings and I'm all for it.

[Went to Vegas (Damian handled the change well). He started asking real questions. Starting to articulate feelings. Laser gun tough guy was a big deal for a while. Made up a story. We got serious about having him dress and undress himself (esp. socks).]

March 1 to 15

excerpt: Morning: had breakfast by a hotel pool with friends. Damian not only didn't want to go in the pool but he didn't want to put his feet in it. Not only did he refuse to put his feet in, but he refused to put his hands in. Not only did he say no to his own hands, but he told me in no uncertain terms that "MOMMY DOES NOT WANT TO" trail my own hands in the water.

[Tried play date with James. Successful interaction (tickling) with Jordan. New pretend scenarios (mailman, firefighter extended). The beginnings of kid interactions in the bike yard too. ]

March 16 to 31

excerpt: Damian, having a hissy fit wanting me to pick him up and put him in my lap (when he's just sat down a foot away to make sure I have to work for it). While he was sick, I did carry him a bit but made it clear it was only because he was sick and that I'd stop once he got better. So now I say "Sure, you can sit in my lap. Come on over." He insists I pick him up. I stay pleasant but firm. He realizes this is not working, tries a new tack: he says, "I'm sick. I'm very very sick." His first lie!

excerpt: When Damian got home, I was surprised how low key he was. He spoke quietly and hesitantly and wasn't very responsive. Half an hour later, after he'd warmed up a little, he said to me, "How did I feel at school today?" So I asked him. His response? "I felt nervous."

[We set boundaries about not picking him up and not having him in our laps at the dining table. He started to state his own preferences and opinions (just starting). Fascination with pregnancy and babies (the idea that he was once a baby). Starting to assert himself with kids in the playground. ]

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